Cook Happy.

Walk around your kitchen like a champion. We're here to help.

Our Story

We’ve been helping people cook, not just follow recipes, since 2012, when Alison Cayne opened the Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School in NYC. For 8 years, we've been making cooking more fun and a lot easier, first with our classes, then with our cookbook, and now, with our squeezy sauces.

Why Pouches?

They're easy. They're neat. They show off the beautiful sauce. Also, they happen to be the most sustainable packaging option. Our pouches are also 100% recyclable through our partnership with Terracycle.

Why Cook?

Cooking is good for you and good for the planet. It can be fun, creative, and empowering. It has tremendous power to bring people together. You probably know all that already, and now, you're likely finding yourself cooking more than ever. Which is great, but you may need some help. You've got this. We're just here to give you (and your meals) a little boost.

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